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Supporting Charitable Causes

2020 Christmas Charity Fundraiser!


We ran free CPDs for therapists so they could support anyone with needle phobia to receive their COVID-19 vaccination without fear! Therapists donated to the pot and together we raised £800!

BBC Radio Bristol Alive Appeal 2018

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We are regularly involved in supporting local causes and here, Rachel describes an appeal she worked on last year.

Last year I met with with John Darvall to support him as he challenged his fear of falling and prepared himself for a tandem sky dive.

First, I spent time with him understanding where this fear stems from and why a single event can develop into an all encompassing fear. I helped him to understand why his brain is responding with fear in other situations and why he now felt he has a fear of heights as well as falling.

Did he do it? Click here to listen to the Alive Appeal radio broadcast!

Supporting Charitable Causes: Activities
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