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All of the therapists listed here have completed the Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy and have committed to regular ongoing training and supervision

Lisa Hartford.jpg

Lisa Hartford

Region: Lincolnshire

IMG_4483 (2).JPG

Michelle Balson

Region: Somerset


Sam Luxford

Region: Aberdeen

Jo Hush Therapy (96 of 97) edited_edited.jpg

Jo Jones

Region: South Gloucestershire

Caroline Parsons.jpeg

Caroline Parsons

Region: South Devon

Susanne Leigh.jpg

Susanne Leigh

Region: Essex

Steph McGee.jpeg

Steph McGee

Region Oxford

Jen  Higgins.jpeg

Jennifer Higgins

Region: Ormskirk

Jo Morgan.JPG

Jo Morgan

Region: Merthyr Tydfil


Rachel Crawford

Region: North Devon

Gillian Forrester 8.jpg

Gillian Forrester

Region: Edinburgh


Lesley Cooper

Region: Surrey

Corinne Newman.jpg

Corinne Newman

Region: Bristol

Nicola Cook.jpg

Nicola Cook

Region: Wiltshire

Angela Brown.JPG

Angela Brown

Region: Cotswolds

Louise Griffith.jpeg

Louise Griffith

Region: Gwynedd

Ceinwen hypno photo.jpg

Ceinwen Bran

Region: Solihull

Recognised Hypnotherapists: Staff
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