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All our courses come with an attendance certificate and handout resources, including language patterns where appropriate.

2 hour online training courses

£45 per session, click here to book


The Science of EEG

​Understanding EEG and what research tells us is happening in the brain during trance. Includes images of the brain responding to a language pattern.

The Miracle Question

Improve your skills in asking the miracle question as an effective part of your solution focused therapy.

Giving a Presentation on Hypnotherapy

How to give a talk to various groups on what we do. 

Management of Pain      

Understanding the challenges facing these clients with persistent pain and how solution focused conversation and hypnotherapy can help. Language pattern provided.

Writing Scripts, Language Patterns, PMRs and Metaphors

How to write effective language patterns, the 'recipe' of a good hypnosis script and how indirect suggestion can benefit your client.

Perception and the Therapist

What is it, how does perception influence the therapist? How to use the information that what we see and what the client sees might be two very different things!

Advance your Hypnosis Techniques

Developing your skills as a hypnotherapist and gaining advanced, specialist techniques for working with a range of therapeutic needs.

Needle Phobias & Fear of Other Medical Devices 

Understanding the different types of needle phobia and when to use different, specific techniques.

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Pt 1

Understanding the theory of irritable bowel conditions, what is FODMAP and how can solution focused conversation and hypnotherapy help.

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Pt 2

​The practice of solution focused conversation and hypnotherapy with clients with irritable bowel conditions.

Working with LGBTQ+ clients

Enhance your LGBTQ+ awareness, client base and ability to positively support your clients with confidence.

Emetophobia and Complex Phobias

​The particular challenges facing clients with this phobia (fear of vomiting) and practical tools to help in anxiety. What language patterns (script) to use and why?

Smoking Cessation

Using the solution focused approach to help stop smoking.

Clients having Chemotherapy 

Specific solution focused conversation and hypnotherapy techniques for use with clients having chemotherapy.

Psychology of Chronic Illness

Sometimes the role of SFH is to be part of the client’s multidisciplinary team (MDT). We look at Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME - Our preference is to use the term that the client prefers.

Introduction to working with clients with OCD

The particular challenges facing clients with OCD and practical tools to help. Language pattern provided.

Self-care for Therapists

Mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques to support the therapist working with challenging events.

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