What will I get from the booklet?

• A chance to recap on our basic professional boundaries as practitioners

• To be able to recognise the benefits of a good working relationship with a colleague, client or service user and to understand how a good working relationship may have a positive impact upon your practise

• To be able to recognise personality traits in yourself and in others. When are these different personality traits useful? When are they a hindrance?

• To be able to understand the dynamics of a working relationship in the context of Transactional Analysis (Parent/Adult/Child roles) and to recognise how language/behaviour places people in these roles

• To take time to reflect on these ‘grey areas’ and think about situations where you could have behaved slightly differently

• To be able to analyse your working relationship in terms of motivation, rewards vs. costs of all parties involved. To be able to increase motivation and rewards and minimise costs for all parties

• To reaffirm confidence in our professional ability and decision making

Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships: A guide to ethics

  • This is a pdf file ready for instant download. Contact us if you would like to purchase a paper copy.