Our teaching and supervision is delivered via Zoom, an online provider similar to Skype.


When you book with us, you will receive an invites to the session and you simply click on the link to take part. 


We are able to offer daytime, weekend and evening options.

You will be encouraged to bring readings you have found useful etc., to the online training sessions and supervision sessions and to share these in the discussion group.


Peer learning will be a key part of the learning process and you will be studying alongside a range of health professionals.

Zoom and online teaching

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The full list is available on our training page, but here are some of the topics we cover
  • The consultation process and how research can improve our practice.

  • GDPR and what this means for our practice

  • Safeguarding in the therapy room

  • The miracle question: how to ask this effectively

  • The Child Series - bringing child psychology into the therapy room. Topics include:

    • understanding child psychology,

    • drawing and what it can tell us about the child,

    • preparing a child for hospital stays and

    • understanding the teenager.

  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to support people having Chemotherapy 

  • Working with a fear of needles and other medical devices

  • Anticipatory nausea and the fear of sickness

  • Long-term illness and end of life care

  • Managing pain and discomfort

  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team in hospitals. A Senior Nurse explains hospital protocols and shares her perspective on working with Hypnotherapists.