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Online CPDs are available via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime and can be booked with the tutor of your choice. Contact us for fees and payment options. (As an indication, fees are £40 per session per person and sessions typically last 90 -120 minutes).

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The Child Series

These CPDs bring child psychology into the therapeutic environment. A series of 4 CPDS, each can be studied individually or as a collection. £40 per 2 hour session to include tips and suggestions for working practitioners.

CPD 1: Understanding the child

This brings our understanding of child psychology from Piaget and Erickson into the therapy room

CPD 2: Drawing and the child

How we can use drawing to understand the child's experiences and view of the world

CPD 3: Preparing the child for hospital

How can we help the child understand what will happen and make this as much of a stress-free experience as possible

CPD 4: Understanding the teenager

How do teens make sense of themselves and the world around them and how can we use this understanding in the therapy room

All things GDPR for the therapist £45 per person


The General Data Protection Regulations came into effect on 25th May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act of 1998. There are lots of measures we should be taking already - as people who use personal and sensitive data - to safeguard our clients data. This course refreshes what we should be doing already and covers ‘what’s new’ under the GDPR. This includes, using granular consent, and having our own policies and procedures set in place and made available to our clients when they access our services. This course equips you with the knowledge of what you are required to have in place and provides you with written templates you can tweak according to what is relevant for your own business. There is time provided for questions throughout the course.


This course equips you with:

  • A basic understanding of GDPR and how it may affect your practice.

  • Information about what is reasonably practicable in holding all types of data securely.

  • A template of documents for use in your own organisation, and

  • Where to go for further information

  • Full resource pack for your practice

  • Certificate of attendance

Trance: What is hypnosis?

The practical side of progressive muscle relaxation & dissociative trance (guided imagery). Language pattern provided.

Working with clients with Dementia

Adopting a solution focused approach to your work with clients with Dementia.

The Miracle Question

Improve your skills in asking the miracle question as an effective part of your solution focused therapy.

Improving your Solution Focused Therapy Skills

Learn how to become a more effective solution focused therapist using the conversation approach.

Smoking Cessation
Using the solution focused approach to stopping smoking.
Fear of vomiting: Emetophobia

The particular challenges facing clients with this phobia and practical tools to help in anxiety. What language patterns (script) to use and why?

Persistent pain and the role of Hypnotherapy

Understanding the challenges facing these clients with persistent pain. Language pattern provided.

Ethics and the Hypnotherapist

A practical look at how ethics informs our practice.

Perception and the therapist

What is it, how does perception influence the therapist? Perception and the client’s issue

Admin and paperwork in Hypnotherapy! 

All about Clients notes. What to write, how to store them and how to use consent forms.

Introduction to working with clients with OCD

The particular challenges facing clients with OCD and practical tools to help. Language pattern provided.

Chronic Illness and SFH

Sometimes the role of SFH is to be part of the client’s multidisciplinary team (MDT). We look at Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME - Our preference is to use the term that the client prefers

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