Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any medical/nursing/healthcare qualification to do this course?

No, not at all. Our aim is for our clients to be the expert in their illness. This course is about enabling qualified Hypnotherapists, psychologists and psychotherapists to become very skilled at using solution focused language and different trance techniques with clients with serious illness. It is also our aim that candidates become very skilled in talking to other members of multidisciplinary teams, such as doctors and nurses about the science and evidence base of modern Hypnotherapy.

Is this a pass/fail course?

We prefer the ‘pass, not quite there yet’ approach. We will send you multiple choice questions for each module. These MCQs are for you to do at home, with all your notes, as a self-directed learning tool rather than a test. If you then notice a learning need we will arrange a coaching call with you to cover that need.

How much work is involved?

We think this part time course averages out at around two hours of study a week.

How much CPD credit is it worth?

Including the coaching calls, there is 44 hours of teaching on this course and 12-16 hours of study at home. You will receive 40 hours CPD by completing the full diploma.

Will I be able to cope with the emotional side of helping clients who are very ill and may be dying?

We take ‘care of the therapist’ very seriously. We include it as part of our learning aims and we will help you identify your support resources. We also have a team of fully qualified supervisors who you can book a 1:1 Supervision session with. One hour’s 1:1 supervision is £35.

Where can I stay at the weekend?

We have a list of local accommodation, contact us for details.

How much is the course? 
Contact us for details on how to make monthly payment and register for the course

Full cost of the programme for Registration, Introductory Weekend and CPDs £899** 

Pay for the whole diploma in four monthly instalments, £224.75 x 4 months,

total is £899


Full total if paid in monthly instalments is £799, the same as paying upfront.

Includes Registration, the residential weekend and days, and all  online CPDs.

£199.75 per month (Payable one month in advance, November, December, January, February) 

Other ways to join us for training:

Residential Weekend (8th and 9th February) only

(incl. teas, coffees and lunch but NOT accommodation) - £160

Mid-point Workshop Day (14th March)

(incl. teas, coffees and lunch but NOT accommodation) - £80

Individual 2 Hour CPDs - £40.

There are 9 of these to complete the diploma. Each can also be taken as standalone courses.

*Included with Registration you get: Monthly Detailed Course Notes, MCQs, Coaching Calls, Course Certificate (on completion of all the CPDS plus residential weekend), the mid-point workshop, the final one-day workshop and references after qualification.

**Included in the Advance, Monthly and Full Payment you get: All the CPD Sessions, Residential Weekend (including lunch and refreshments during the day but not accommodation), Workshop days (including lunch and refreshments), Monthly Detailed Course Notes, MCQs, Coaching Calls, Course Certificate and References after qualification.

Please contact us for more information at